MAX Portrait

A Juggernaut of destruction and Protector of the Platoon, the MAX can withstand an incredible amount of damage and dish it out just as quickly. Versatile enough to take on any threats on the battlefield, the MAX makes its presence known. As the 382nd uses MAX suits in blitzkrieg style assaults, it is advised to invest in at least an anti-infantry MAX.


Able to dual wield any combination of weapons, the MAX will generally perform best when matching weapons types (i.e 2* anti-infantry, anti-vehicle or anti-air)


A chaingun on each arm will make short work of any Infantry standing in front of you. The default M1 Heavy Cycler performs reasonably well in CQC, but to really take the fight to the enemy, consider the M2 Mutilator for real close action carnage, or the MRC3 Mercy for a bit of medium range versatility. Going toe-to-toe with the bad guys, its alway a good idea to have Charge equipped for quick get-aways to a friendly engineer. Kinetic Armor is a good choice when facing infantry, or possibly Flak Armor if Light Assaults are trying to spoil the party with C4


Theres only one real option when dealing damage to enemy tanks - the MR1 Fracture. If a reasonably safe place can be found, Lockdown can further boost the armor killing capabilities, allowing you to fire faster and on a flatter trajectory, with much improved reload times.


The default MAX comes with one NS-10 Burster, but to be a serious threat against close air a second burster must be equipped. Extended magazines will really boost efficiency, allowing the MAX to take down an ESF without reloading, and do massive damage against Liberators and Galaxies. Lockdown increases this potency even more if the MAX can anticipate the aircrafts path and set up accordingly

Class CertificationsEdit

The first points spent on the MAX should be on suit slot. All 3 options are viable, although Nanite-Repair is less valuable in outfit play where engineers will be healing the MAX. Kinetic Armor will let the MAX soak up a lot more damage from bullets, making infantry less of a threat. However, with clever use of charge to escape dangerous situations, the main threat will be from C4 - especially from Light Assaults - and Flak Armor will help you survive 1 block of C4.

After the suit slot is sorted, charge can be improved or the Lockdown path started - although it only really starts making sense when 3 or more upgrades are invested in.