Heavy assault

Heavy Assault

Heavy Assaults form the backbone of a team. Equipped with many powerful tools including LMGs, Rocket Launchers and a Nanite Mesh Generator, a Heavy Assault can deal massive damage to enemy infantry and vehicles. For 382nd, they play an even more important role as they are responsible for clearing out enemy ground vehicles and aircraft during Galaxy Drops.


The Heavy Assault has a wide assortment weapons. They are the only class which can wield Light Machine Guns (LMGs). They can also wield SMGs, Battle Rifles and Shotguns. Like all other non-MAX classes, they wield pistols as their secondary weapon. Their Tool is the Rocket Launcher, capable of shredding any form of armor.


The Heavy Assault's primary weapon is the LMG. The stock TR LMG is the T9 Carv and with its high rate of fire and 100-round magazine it is capable of carving through the enemy lines. The T9 Carv-S is a modified version of the T9 Carv and has useful attachments available including the Extended Magazine which doubles the ammo-capacity to 200 rounds. With a lower rate of fire, the Carv-S is less suitable for close range, but is an excellent all-round choice. Other LMG options include the light-weight MSW-R, the distance orientated TMG-50, the close-quarters T32 Bull, the squad supporting T16 Rhino, and the faction-neutral NS-15M.

Rocket LaunchersEdit

The Heavy Assault also has a selection of rocket launchers. The default rocket launcher is the dumb-fire ML-7 which is primarily used as an anti-tank weapon. There is a lock-on rocket launcher for ground vehicles, called the M9 SKEP Launcher. The ASP-30 Grounder is an anti-air lock-on rocket launcher. The T2 Striker is the only magazine-fed rocket launcher on Auraxis, and features 5 rockets in a magazine and the ability to lock-on to both aircraft and ground vehicles. The neutral Nanite Systems rocket launchers are the dumb-fire NS Decimator and the lock-on NS Annihilator. For a single all-round choice there is the NS Annihilator and the patriotic T2 Striker. The Striker tends to be more effective on aircraft but can also cause a lot of damage if all 5 rounds hit a ground vehicle.

Class CertificationsEdit

The Heavy Assault's ability to add an extra layer of damgae protection, via the Nanite Mesh Generator is very helpful in many situations.

Recommended LoadoutEdit

Loadout #1: All-round Loadout #2: Close Range
Weapon T9 Carv-S

T9 Carv


Reflex Sight 2x Reflex Sight
Ammo Soft Point Standard
Barrel Compensator Supressor
Rail Extended Magazine Forward Grip
Tool T2 Striker ML-7/NS Decimator
Suit Munitions Pouch Munitions Pouch
Grenade Concussion Grenades Concussion Grenade
Utility C4 C4